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Wireless microphone,300 meters long

Wireless microphone,300 meters long
Product name:Wireless microphone,300 meters long
Category: Microphone Series
*U for a second wireless microphone,distance of up to 300 meters,                            
*Frequency range:740-790 MHz,                                                                                                  
*Number of channels:2,                                                                                                                      
*Channel number:200,can use many sets of extension,channel with general,                                    
*At least 6 machines,strong anti-jamming capability,                                                                            
*PLL phase-locked loop technology,frequency stability<+100Hz,                              
*Transmission high power and low switch,                                                                              
*Launch operation locking,                                                                                                      
*Infrared automatic frequency,                                                                                                  
*Multiple noise automatic control,                                                                                                        
*2 channel line hybrid output,XRL independent output,                                                                  
*LCD display channel and battery,                                                                                                    
*To launch the battery low voltage flicker automatically shut down to 1.6V,                              
*Receive the channel LCD display respectively,frequency channel,the strength of RF,mute,interior of the antenna,and each index in the menu to adjust content,                          *Receiver manual volume,                                                                                                        
*System using the environment,temperature -20℃ to 45℃,relative humidity of 85%,      
*Working distance:indoor is more than 100 meters,outdoor is 300-300 meters. 

Technical Parameter:

*Transmission operating frequency range:740MHz-790MHz,

* Launch Radio Frequency Power:≤30 mW,

* Radio Frequency Modulation Noise:<-65dB,

* Radio Frequency Modulation :≤±75KHz,

* The system receiving sensitivity:-65 to -105dBm(adjustable),

* System audio frequency response:30Hz-18KHz ±3dB,

*Input signal strength clearance ratio:>15 dB,

* SNR:≤-95dB,

* Distoration:≤1%,

* Output Amplitude:Line 160mV/XLR 12mV(400Hz/20KHz),

* Audio Isolation:>60dB,

* Transmitter operating voltage:3VDC,

* Current Transmitter:150mAmin(5#AA 1000mAh,last for 6 hrs),

* Receiving Power Supply:12V DC /1000mA DC .

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