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Mixer Amplifier With AC/DC(30W)

Mixer Amplifier With AC/DC(30W)
Product name:Mixer Amplifier With AC/DC(30W)
Category: Mixer Amplifier
1. U disk,SD card plug or broadcast,radio,bluetooth transceiver module.
2. AUX input microphone input 3 road,1 road AUX input,1 road AUX output.
3. Constant voltage 100V,70V output and 4-16 ohms resistance output.
4. Saturated output short circuit protection and alarm,overheating and distortion of the alarm.
5. AC (220v) and DC (12v)

Technical Parameters
Model MA-30DC MA-60DC
Line voltage 70-100V 70-100V
Impedance 4-16Ω 4-16Ω
Rated power 30W 60W
Dimension(mm) 253*220*68 253*220*68
Weight(KG) 3.9 5.1
Gross weight(KG) 4.2 5.6

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